Web / Social Networking

Connecting to your customers online is no longer a luxury, it’s expected. Doing it WELL can be a key differentiator. Your organization needs to be online, but what information do you present?, how should it be organized? How do you make it easy for people to 'Google you'

These are the areas that are up for discussion.

What information should be available on our web site?
What features should the site have?
How much time and money should we invest our online presence?
What the heck are SEO, Facebook and Twitter?

Ask John!

I can work with you to determine who the important groups of people are who will be looking for you online.
I can help you to work through and consider what types of features your site could have and how to integrate these features with your business operations
I can advise you on how to decide on how much of your sales/advertising budget should be allocated to online initiatives
I can explain and demonstrate the latest web and social networking sites, helping you to understand if and how they can be relevant to your business.