IT Consulting

Technology is no longer an optional element of business, many business owners may see it as an expensive distraction, while true leaders see it as a critical differentiator. Properly-implemented technology investments boost productivity, improve transaction quality and can even transform businesses.

Small to medium-sized business rarely afford the perceived luxury of an effective full-time executive responsible for technology, as a result, they often make poor decisions about where to invest their technology dollars, they suffer from frustrating downtime and outages, outbreaks of viruses, inefficient business operations.

How much should you invest in technology?
How can we reduce downtime and protect our systems from viruses and spyware?
How can we improve efficiency of our business operations?

Ask John!

I will take the time to understand your business, understand where you want to go, and I can help you make decisions about your IT budget, where to invest, and where you can save.

I can help you find simple and effective strategies to reduce the risk and impact associated with malicious software infections.

I can identify opportunities to improve efficiency in your business operations and then develop, implement and support new systems.